The audacity to think that he could make such an ambitious move. The audacity to even allow the complex corners of his mind to stretch far enough to imagine doing greater things. The audacity to ask interrogative questions to boost success or allow some—with twenty-six bones in just a single foot—to make greater steps toward their life’s goals. Who really said he could? You’ll learn pretty quickly that if Michael Dane Lewis is to be described using a single word—audacious fits the bill.


He is that human that is entirely encapsulated with the philosophy that “If I make another bold move, I can achieve a change or two... Never leave your change.” Michael is a master of many things! A master strategist at life itself. His experiences have fueled his audaciousness to tackle entrepreneurship and to dabble in authoritative authorship. An acknowledged cultural enthusiast. Certainly, he moves and sways with unwavering—and frankly—unselfish appreciation for global cultural experiences. Everything Michael does is done with a truly authentic Jamaican rhythm—always contributing a bit of panache to life.


For him, it has always been a step in the right direction. On his life’s journey, he has encountered some of the best stops. Yes, stops! Stops because he too experienced an onslaught of challenges. Imagine having to always plan to a ‘T’ your next move and where you’ll position yourself to catch the next ride, only to find out the ride has left. Michael has been at that place.


Nevertheless, for him, it was simple. He conditioned his mind to focus on getting it right the next time, no matter how many times he slips up. He tried to catch every ‘taxi, bus, train, and airplane-ride-opportunity’ throughout his existence. For him, there was no missing out on what he wanted because, simply put, substantial investment is continuously being performed by him—for him.


Many conceived his triumphs to be luck. However, a more comprehensive analysis will reveal his truths. Michael’s wins are nothing short of his superior goal-oriented ambition, navigated by his determination and hunger for success. This is the kind of drive the world deserves to feel, see, smell—really experience. Whatever sense works for you, Michael’s impact needs to be sensed. He very well knows, accepts, and shares this noble ideology willingly.


Michael is a literal gem—more fittingly aligned with a pearl tucked in an oyster shell. And with life’s heavy loads and nonresistance force of lessons upon lessons, he has increased his knowledge of life—a gem for him really. Dare I say, he is altruistic because he shares what he learns daily with those around. But through this writing experience, his life-changing and eye-opening gems are open to the world. 


His first book, “BANK ON SELF-INVESTMENT | BELIEF DEPOSITED—TRIUMPH WITHDRAWN | A STIMULUS CHECK FOR ONE’S SELF,” is a nickel, dime, and an expensive note on personal development. Of course, one that’s being offered to you at a highly reduced cost. Because really, what price can you put on his vast experience, journey, and lessons? Even as you pay sincerely with your choice to restructure your life where necessary, much of what Michael offers in his text is freedom—in black and white.


Penning the journey and lessons wasn’t a far-off thought for many who knew Michael. Besides, he has developed admirable writing skills and knows how to capture an audience with words, sentences, and punctuations. He was even truly introduced to using many exclamation marks all at once; life was really forceful and surprising for him.


Young and achieved! Young and bold! That may not be so catchy. He was never a fan of soap operas anyway. Rather, he loves meaningful engagements, purposeful conversations, and helping others to propel to greater levels. His first book is one avenue that can assist you in acquiring momentum on your life’s goals. Don’t hesitate to commence your self-investment by utilizing some time to read his book.


Written by Ms. Shaquille Hines
Television Writer, Presenter, & Producer
At the Jamaican Information Service (JIS)